Uniflex Plus: The Space-Efficient, Easy-to-Install Air Distribution System

Published: 4 June 2024

Uniflex Plus is the perfect ducting solution for efficient, reliable, and easy-to-install ventilation, designed to meet the needs of modern buildings and high-performance homes.

Created by Vent-Axia, Uniflex Plus is highly flexible and space-efficient, with a unique click system that significantly reduces the need for taping ducts – making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Available in two sizes, Ø 90mm and Ø 69mm, the system’s flexible ducting and connection points allow installers to adapt to unforeseen circumstances during installations.

From a design perspective, Uniflex Plus serves as a compact alternative to traditional ducting. It is perfect for locations with space constraints, offering versatile applications such as installation in concrete, finishing layers or screed, modular ceilings, isolation layers, and plaster or stone walls.

Uniflex Plus targets markets including apartments, townhouses, small buildings, and malls, particularly where space is limited in floors, walls, or ceilings. It is also ideal for high-performance homes and those seeking continuous ventilation solutions.

Uniflex Plus pairs perfectly with mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems, as its easy click system ensures airtight ducting, eliminating the risk of tape gradually falling off.

This system can replace traditional and flat channel ducting in ventilation systems. It features various extract and supply air diffusers with easily adjustable airflow settings, an easy-to-clean fascia, and the same easy click system as the rest of the Uniflex Plus range.

Uniflex Plus was created to offer an easy-to-install, space-efficient ducting system suitable for heat recovery systems. Manufactured by Vent-Axia, it has a proven history of effective operation in the airtight European housing market.

For those concerned about the safety and cleanliness of the system, Uniflex Plus ducts are made from physiologically and toxicologically harmless PE and PP materials. The system’s interior is treated with antistatic and antibacterial materials to prevent dirt accumulation.

For more information, contact Mike Drummond, the business development manager at Simx, at [email protected]. If you need assistance with ventilation design, reach out to SmartVent for a free consultation.