We.EV: Smart EV Chargers for Commercial & Residential Use

Published: 30 May 2024

Recent headlines highlighting potential winter power generation shortages in New Zealand have underscored a critical need for smart charging solutions as the nation transitions to cleaner modes of transport.

With a standard wall-mounted residential EV charge representing around half of an average household’s allocated electricity supply at any given time, efficient energy management is essential to prevent this significant increase in demand from potentially exceeding supply from the grid.

New Zealand-owned business We.EV is addressing this need with advanced EV charging solutions for both commercial and residential applications. Their smart EV chargers are designed to optimise charging during off-peak hours, leveraging New Zealand’s clean, renewable energy resources to minimise strain on the electricity grid. Their proprietary software platform provides users with real-time insights and data on their charging sessions, enabling functionalities such as authentication-based charging and load control to protect other appliances.

Key benefits of We.EV chargers include dynamic load control, meaning that during peak usage times, the chargers can prioritise other devices and ramp up charging when demand for electricity elsewhere decreases. This approach mitigates the risk of overloading the grid and maximises the use of existing electrical infrastructure,  saving significant costs on upgrades.

For commercial users, We.EV provides automated billing and reporting through their software, We.EV Live, simplifying energy management and cost allocation. The software also supports home and workplace charging integration, allowing businesses to offer flexible charging options for employees. For apartment blocks and where required, the chargers can be set up with authentication so sessions can only start either through the mobile app or RFID tag.

We.EV distributes a European-designed and manufactured charger, known for its smart features and aesthetic appeal. By leveraging advanced technology and integrating smart features, We.EV helps manage electricity demand effectively, promoting a sustainable and cost-effective transition to electric vehicles for both commercial and residential users.

For more information, visit https://www.we-ev.co.nz/