Stormcell by Marshall Innovations: Lower Hutt Case Study

Published: 30 May 2024

The project at Peterkin St in Wingate, Lower Hutt involved the installation of stormwater management infrastructure using Stormcell, a new and innovative system designed by Marshall Innovations. Peryer Construction Wgtn Limited undertook this project with the support and training provided by Marshall Innovations’ area manager, Hamish Knox.

Rob, a seasoned drainlayer with 25 years of experience, typically utilised traditional rock-filled soak pits in his projects. However, upon encountering Stormcell as a specified option for the Peterkin St project, he embraced the opportunity to explore this new technology. Rob identified the need to adapt to modern stormwater management practices to enhance project efficiency and performance.

The decision to use Stormcell proved beneficial during the tender process, securing the project for Peryer Construction Wgtn. Limited. The installation of Stormcell units showcased its user-friendly design, significantly reducing installation time compared to traditional methods.

Stormcell offers several advantages over traditional soak pits:

  • Efficiency: Quick and easy assembly of Stormcell units facilitated rapid installation.
  • Support and Training: The comprehensive support and training provided by Marshall Innovations ensured smooth implementation and confidence in using the new technology.
  • Cost-Effective: Streamlined procurement and installation processes contributed to overall project cost efficiency.
  • Innovative Design: Stormcell’s innovative design allows for efficient stormwater management, addressing modern environmental and regulatory requirements.


Rob’s positive experience with Stormcell has opened doors to future applications of this technology in his projects. The success of the Peterkin St project highlights the importance of adapting to innovative solutions in the construction industry. Rob looks forward to incorporating Stormcell in future projects, confident in its performance and benefits.

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