Goldair Brings the Heat

Published: 28 May 2024

When keeping a home warm and comfortable, Goldair’s extensive range of heater designs and options cater to a wide variety of needs and preferences. Renowned for innovative technology and stylish aesthetics, Goldair heaters are designed to seamlessly blend with modern home interiors while providing efficient and reliable heating solutions.

Whether it’s sophisticated bathroom heaters with advanced ceramic PTC technology, chic panel heaters with a fabric finish, or versatile models featuring wifi control, Goldair has something to suit every space. Commitment to quality and user-friendly features, such as the “easy-as connection” system and intuitive controls, ensures that each Goldair heater delivers exceptional performance and convenience.

Explore the variety of designs and functionalities in Goldair’s heater collection to find the perfect match for all your heating needs.

Bathroom Heaters – Ceramic Series

Keep your bathroom or laundry warm and dry with instant heat from the sleek range of bathroom heaters from Goldair, utilising modern ceramic PTC heater technology for improved safety, efficiency and performance. With stylish designs to suit any bathroom including a new brushed stainless steel model, operation is simple, either by pull-cord, remote or wifi enabled app control (model dependant). All Goldair bathroom heaters come with Goldair’s patented “easy-as connection” system, allowing units to be replaced or upgraded without needing further electrical work.

Panel Heaters – Fabric Designer Series

Crafted with a keen eye on contemporary European design, Goldair Platinum’s Eurotech panel heaters boast a distinctive fabric finish on their exterior, harmonising seamlessly with the chic aesthetics of today’s New Zealand homes. Elevate your space by selecting either the sophisticated granite or stone fabric finish and pair it with our cutting-edge technology, delivering an effective and fashionable heating solution.

Panel Heaters – Wifi Control Series

Introducing Goldair Platinum HeatSmart panel heaters, equipped with cutting-edge Inverter technology designed to intelligently manage energy consumption.

Our HeatSmart panel heaters boast a range of advanced features, including Inverter technology, integrated Wifi connectivity, and intuitive Electronic Controls. This comprehensive suite of functions ensures adaptability to your individual heating and lifestyle needs.

Panel Heaters – Manual Control Series

If you’re in search of a sleek and efficient wall-mounted heater, look no further than Goldair’s panel heater range. Offering a blend of simplicity and style, these heaters come in multiple sizes to accommodate any room dimensions. With straightforward controls and hassle-free mounting, Goldair’s panel heaters provide a convenient heating solution for every corner of your home.

Bathroom Towel Warmers – Designer Series

Ultra-modern design combines with stainless steel in this sophisticated towel rail range. The distinctive styling adds a touch of flair to any bathroom. Full of great innovative features like quick connect cables for simple fit-off and installation, and concealed wiring for the ultra slick final finish. Available in polished stainless steel or matt black finish to complement a wide range of décors.