ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 – Meeting the Demand for Non-Combustible Cladding

Published: 30 May 2024

Rapid changes within the cladding market regarding combustibility and fire safety are at the forefront of decision-making around suitable products. The demand for non-combustible cladding products has become a major priority for specifiers and insurance companies worldwide.

With over 50 years’ experience of producing Aluminium composite panels Mitsubishi Chemical Infratech has met the challenge, developing, and producing the world’s first non-combustible aluminium composite panel with ALPOLIC™ NC/A1, a revolutionary product in the world of architectural building materials.

This advanced material is a result of years of research and development by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, a leading global company known for its innovative solutions.

Key Features:

Innovation: ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 is a fire safe aluminium composite material with a non-combustible mineral core that contains zero polyethylene. ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 can be used as an exterior or interior cladding and roof coverings in both new buildings and re-clad applications wherever a non-combustible material is required.

Fire Certification: ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 is AS 1530.1 / AS 1530.3 & Euroclass A1 (EN13501-1 certified. ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 is also the first Aluminium Composite Material also known as ACP to fall under Category D (non-combustible) in the Insurance council of Australia Hazard Identification and Category rating Guide.

Low thermal conductivity: ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 is superior to many other alternative cladding products @ 0.4 W/mk vs 190 W/mk compared to 3mm solid aluminium.

ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 has 2 main advantages over solid aluminium, the mineral core material absorbs the heat without transfer to the opposing skin, making the product stable and rigid, this allows it to provide an excellent temperature barrier between the interior and exterior of a building, whether the climate outside is hot or cold – whereas solid product radiates the heat, has thermal expansion issues that can cause permanent panel deformation.

Superior Flatness and Rigidity: derived from the continuous laminating process.

Weight advantage: ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 is much lighter in volume than comparable sized 3mm solid aluminium, fibrous cement, and curtain wall systems.

Fabricating & Installation: both processes are virtually the same as the ALPOLIC™ fr product, saving time & cost by not having to learn a new processes and details for the Specifier -fabricator & Installer.

Warranty: A class leading colour coating warranty of 20 years * using FEVE fluoropolymer coatings. *15-year coating warranty applies for locations that are within 1Km of the sea. For all locations a 15-year panel integrity warranty is also supplied.

Colour uniformity: The state-of-the-art Die Coater creating a 3-coat coil-coating process ensures complete colour consistency. The colour range is the same for all ALPOLIC™ fire rated versions including solid colours, metallics, wood finishes and more.

Overall, ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 is a game-changer in the world of architectural building materials. With its exceptional fire resistance, durability, weather resistance, design flexibility, and ease of installation, this product offers a wide range of benefits for architects, designers, contractors, and building owners alike.

Whether you are working on a small-scale renovation project or a large commercial development, ALPOLIC™ NC/A1 is a reliable and high-performance choice that will help you achieve your goals with confidence and peace of mind.

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