Introducing the Commercial Expertise behind Tile Warehouse: Architectural Surfaces

Published: 15 March 2024

Within the field of architecture in New Zealand, material selection by specifiers significantly influences the aesthetic appeal, functionality, environmental footprint, and durability of buildings.

Tile Warehouse has always stood out as an ethical supplier of high-performing finishes, offering an extensive array of tiles, hybrid flooring, natural stone, and now, ethical carpet tiles. This diverse product mix from Tile Warehouse makes it a comprehensive easily accessible resource for specifiers, providing an ease in selection and specification with a multitude of versatile and timeless choices.

Tiles are the chameleons of the architectural world, seamlessly adapting to diverse environments and design styles with a multitude of shapes, sizes, textures and performances. The Architectural Surfaces team at Tile Warehouse understands the importance of providing specifiers with an extensive array of options, including ceramic, porcelain, glass, and natural stone tiles. These materials come in various sizes, shapes, and finishes, allowing those in design to unleash their creativity.

Their expertise lies not only in the diversity of their offering but also in the technical knowledge regarding the suitability of different tile types for specific applications. Not all tiles are created equal, and the Tile Warehouse team are ready to assist designers in making the right selections. Whether it’s the sleek elegance of polished porcelain for a retail space or the robust durability of full-body porcelain in large format tiles for high-traffic areas, architects can rely on the team’s experience and technical knowledge to make informed decisions on fit-for-purpose finishes.

REGEN ‘Farmland’ Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles have revolutionised the flooring landscape, offering a blend of comfort, aesthetics, and practicality. From vibrant patterns to subdued textures, carpet tiles provide a canvas for architects to express their artistic vision while ensuring ease of maintenance and replacement.

Tile Warehouses’ latest range of recycled carpet tile, REGEN showcases a selection of carpet tiles with durability, acoustic benefits, and low environmental impact of various materials. This expertise enables architects to curate spaces that are not only visually appealing but also functional and sustainable.

Volakas Marble, Westfield Newmarket

Natural stone has been a cornerstone of architectural design for centuries, exuding luxury, quality and timeless elegance that transcends trends. With a history of supplying stone for over 37 years, Tile Warehouse has long specialised in natural stone and will tailor the stone selection, shapes and finishes to meet your client’s needs . Architects can tap into their expertise Nationally and request samples to navigate the nuances of different stones/Finishes and sizes/patterns for all marbles, granite, limestone, and travertine.

Hybrid flooring offers a modern and affordable approach to transforming existing flooring. The team at Architectural Surfaces have extensive experience and key knowledge on the compatibility of overlay flooring with various subfloors and as importantly, the technical aspects of the installation. Architects can leverage this expertise to seamlessly integrate overlay flooring into their projects, achieving a balance between form and function.

In the world of building specification, having a Partnership with an ethical supplier like architectural surfaces and with a national team with significant expertise and experience covering both product and technical will help you make decisions that meet and exceed both design and technical performance requirements.

It’s about more than just product supply. When partnering with the team at Tile Warehouse, specifiers know they secure a valuable partnership resource in creating spaces that boast not only visual excellence, but also enduring functionality, and a happy client!

Please visit the Tile Warehouse/Architectural Surfaces website to contact one of the team for the latest product design, and indent options and to request samples.

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