Introducing Durapanel’s Structural Panel System:

Published: 13 March 2024

Architects, developers and builders seeking innovative solutions in construction have a game-changer at their disposal: the Durapanel Structural Panel System.

The Durapanel Structural Panel System is a fast and efficient solution for residential and commercial construction, replacing traditional stick-frame and plasterboard with no compromise on quality.

Durapanel’s pre-engineered panels streamline the building process, significantly reducing construction time. This not only translates to faster project completion but also presents a compelling proposition for developers aiming to maximize returns on investment homes.

Durapanel Products & Systems:

  • Wall System. The Structural Wall Panel System can be used for exterior load bearing walls and interior non-load bearing walls. Large format wall panels (4.0m x 2.45m) are manufactured from 36mm and 18mm thickness. Exterior walls have a batten cavity attached for insulation and servicing.
  • Ceiling System. The Ceiling System is a complete ceiling surface that typically runs continuously over the Durapanel walls or can be applied to a conventional build constructed over traditional timber or steel framing. The ceiling sheets consist of 15mm, 18mm (standard) or 21mm Solid Strand Core with a smooth fibreboard outer layer.
  • Intertenancy Walls & Fire Systems. The Inter-tenancy Wall System has been designed for use as load bearing or non-load bearing fire rated and sound insulating partition. Fire Resistance Rating (FRR) up to 60/60/60 and an STC rating of up to 56 can be achieved. Refer to Durapanel Technical Literature for further information.

From planning to installation, Durapanel is easier all the way. Durapanel’s technical consultants work with architects and designers to specify Durapanel into consented building plans. Then the detailing team turns consented plans into shop drawings ready for the factory.

Panels are processed in an offsite factory environment using precision cutting CNC capabilities. And finally, completed panels arrive on site as a flatpack kitsets to be installed by trained licensed builders or Durapanel’s own installation team.

Advantages of the system include:

  • Faster construction. Reduce on site labour and building materials with offsite manufactured wall & ceiling structural panels. Time savings of up to 40% can be experienced with new build projects.
  • Easier construction. Large format panels are simple to install and do not require highly skilled labour on site. The panel is the finished surface. No plasterboard trades and painting can commence earlier in the process.
  • Parallel trades. Once solid ceilings are installed, work can begin on the interior of the home while the exterior is finished. The ability for trades to work in parallel reduces the overall building timeframe.
  • Durability. Solid, impact resistant panels reduce dents and damage that commonly occur on site. Protect your long-term investment with a structure that requires very little ongoing maintenance and aesthetic appeal for years to come.
  • Space saving. As compared with traditional building methods the Durapanel Wall System will increase the useable space available inside any building due to the thickness of the panels. Up to 7% extra useable floor space can be achieved.


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