InnoTech Atira Now Available in Anthracite

Published: 13 March 2024

Stepping away from the conventional white kitchen? Embrace the elegance of anthracite with InnoTech Atira.

Now, you can seamlessly match your drawers to anthracite interior organization, providing a cohesive and contemporary look throughout your space.

Atira Anthracite isn’t just a replacement; it’s a seamless addition to the existing range, offering customers the freedom to explore dark and elegant design choices without compromising on quality.

Available alongside white and silver options, Atira Anthracite perfectly complements Hettich’s thin-walled drawer system AvanTech YOU, ensuring effortless integration into various design schemes.

What sets InnoTech Atira apart is its versatility. Paired with our Quadro Compact drawer runner, the anthracite variant is also ideal for outdoor kitchens and high-exposure areas, offering unmatched durability and style.

Crafted in response to evolving design trends, Atira Anthracite embodies sophistication and functionality. Whether you’re a designer, specifier, or homeowner, InnoTech Atira Anthracite promises to redefine your cabinetry experience.

Experience the unmatched quality of InnoTech Atira Anthracite today.

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