Creating Healthy Homes with Simx: Introducing the Vent-Axia MultiVent

Published: 13 March 2024

In the pursuit of healthier living environments for all New Zealanders, Simx proudly brings sustainable home solutions – including the Vent-Axia MultiVent, a market-leading continuous extract-ventilation system with a range of benefits for architects, specifiers, and homeowners alike.

Vent-Axia MultiVent is a cost-effective solution for improving indoor air quality. Installation is a straightforward process, with a proven digital control platform and a user-friendly interface to streamline installation and commissioning – making it a hassle-free option for architects and installers alike.


Backed by 80 years of experience in market-leading ventilation products worldwide, Vent-Axia has a proven track record of excellence. With third-party testing for acoustic and efficiency data, the MultiVent system ensures reliability and performance that architects and specifiers can trust.

Meeting Homestar V5 standards and G4 compliance, the MultiVent system is recognized for its quality and efficiency. Additionally, it features on the NZGBC Homestar V5 ECCHO online design tool, offering architects valuable support in achieving sustainability goals.

And it is a New Zealand Green Building Council Level 6 to 8* Homestar rated product, designed so Kiwi living environments are comfortable and safe.

* An additional 1 point available for ventilation system commissioning.

MultiVent Benefits:

  1. Sensor Automation: The MultiVent system offers continuous extract ventilation, ensuring a steady flow of fresh air throughout the house. Integrated humidity sensors automatically detect bathing and cooking events, adjusting fan speed to address moisture buildup and maintain optimal indoor air quality.
  2. Quiet Performance: Designed using advanced computational fluid dynamics airflow modeling, the MultiVent system minimizes energy loss and noise across all performance levels. This ensures that homeowners can enjoy the benefits of ventilation without disruptive noise levels.
  3. Energy Efficiency: MultiVent fans utilise energy-efficient EC motors, aligning with the latest requirements from the NZGBC. This commitment to energy efficiency not only reduces operating costs for homeowners but also contributes to sustainability goals in building design.

Exploring Simx’s Homestar Solutions:

Beyond the Vent-Axia MultiVent, Simx offers a range of products and solutions to support architects and specifiers in achieving Homestar certifications. From ventilation systems to lighting solutions and beyond, Simx remains dedicated to promoting healthy, sustainable homes for all New Zealanders.

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