The Hottest Tile Trends to come out of Cersaie 2023

Published: 30 November 2023

Over the years, the most famous brands in the world have presented their products at Cersaie in Bologna, Italy, the world’s largest tile fair. A temporary showroom made up of fifteen fully occupied pavilions, equal to 145,000 square metres of surface area, and 633 exhibitors. 99,319 visitors attended of which 47,000 were international!

Essentially, for key tile suppliers and retailers across the world, Cersaie is an essential international showcase for European ceramics.

This year, Tile Warehouse was the sole New Zealand tile company attending the four days of Cersaie. This has given their team not just exclusive first dibs on the best product for next year’s ranging but also enables them to establish trends and buy accordingly.

During the fair, companies showcase the products best suited to achieving a vision of integrated architecture that aims to create a synergy between outdoor and indoor spaces to create ultimate environments, illustrate the stylistic features of their collections, and share new technologies and materials.

After returning from Cersaie Bologna, the Tile Warehouse soucing team has outlined some succinct trend forecasts for 2024. Here’s what to expect for tiles in the year ahead…

Terracotta & Travertine

These trends will see large-format square and rectangular porcelains in calming travertines and terracottas, as well as warm, soft stone-looks.

Rich, earthy, and full of character, terracotta porcelain tiles emulate the handmade product, featuring all of the wonderful authentic, tactile elements, making this a popular option. In shades of toasty burnt orange and reddish browns, terracotta tiles bring a real warmth to spaces.

Equally in demand will be travertine porcelains and ceramics, which provide a classic, quality look in the home with earthen textures connecting our natural world.

Mix-and-match Matt and Gloss

Usually, when we consider mixing and matching tiles, our instinct is to choose the same style, just in differing shades. In 2024, the combination of matt and gloss tiles of the same colour is trending. This creates a unique design with an understated patterned effect where the gloss finish catches light, creating a sense of space and contrasting with neighbouring matt tiles.

Decorative Impact

Wallpaper-look, florals, geometrics, and textured tile remain huge trends for 2024. These tiles are designed to give the illusion of a wallpapered wall, but with the added durability and practicality of tiles. Tile Warehouse is adding to their range with Cersaie selections, but in the meantime, see their current wallpaper range below and keep an eye out for their 2024 designs!

Tiles that look like wallpaper offer a stylish and practical alternative to traditional wallpaper, providing the same aesthetic appeal while also offering added durability in all wet areas and practicality of cleaning.

Key trends include:

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