Introducing the Firth EcoPave® Permeable Paving Range

Published: 30 November 2023

Firth’s EcoPave® range provides beautiful permeable hardscape paving solutions to assist with storm water management, reducing run off, and filtering pollutants from the water.

Why choose permeable paving? Here are the top benefits:

Manage stormwater peak flows: By holding and releasing rainwater in a controlled manner, Firth EcoPave® systems effectively manage stormwater on your property to help avoid overwhelming local infrastructure during heavy rainfall.

Ideal for residential traffic: Whether it’s your driveway or carpark, the FlowPave® system is perfect for light to medium residential traffic applications. Enjoy a durable and puddle-free solution that enhances your environment.

Improve water quality: permeable paving systems actively contribute to better water quality. Through effective filtration and sedimentation, they help filter out pollutants that contribute to water pollution, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment. Engineered permeable systems also help recharge local aquifers to keep your gardens and lawn looking green all year round!

Enhance aesthetics and functionality: With a variety of colours, textures, and compatible Firth’s commercial pavers, Firth EcoPave® range offers endless design possibilities to elevate your outdoor spaces. It’s not just about functionality; it’s about creating visually appealing hardscapes that makes a statement.

Maximize land use: EcoPave® systems maximise land usage by reducing the need for additional retention structures like ground sumps, ponds, or dams. By retaining water within the system, they help you make the most out of your land, optimizing its potential.

Keeping things green: Firth’s Pixel Paver®, Grass Paver and Gobi® Blocks are perfect for creating hardstand parking without sacrificing your front lawn. These open pavers allow grass to grow through, forming all-weather lawns with a hard, durable sub-surface that can be driven over no matter how wet ‘n’ wild the weather gets.

Made by Firth in New Zealand: Firth prides themselves on a uniquely local style of architecture. Its hallmark is a strong connection with the outdoors and for nearly 100 years, Firth masonry bricks and pavers have been helping make those spaces welcoming and beautiful.

Made from locally and ethically sourced natural aggregates, Firth hardscaping products elevate the aesthetics and functionality of our homes, commercial properties and civic spaces. Always engineered and manufactured using the best available technologies, they’re synonymous with good looks, quality, strength and durability.

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