ClearVue from PSP: The Clear Choice for Outdoor Spaces

Published: 30 November 2023

ClearVue provides protection from weather and the elements, meaning homeowners can enjoy their outside space year-round.

ClearVue is a lightweight transparent roofing system that provides high UV protection. The system is impact resistant and comes with a 15-year full replacement guarantee – and is New Zealand’s only translucent roofing system with a BRANZ appraisal.

Durable and strong enough to protect from wind, rain and snow, ClearVue can be easily installed on purlins, rafters, or on the ClearVue self-supporting span bar system.

ClearVue is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and fits well with existing buildings and architecture. And Indoor-Outdoor flow is maximised through the linear profile of the product.

ClearVue is offered in five different colour options; one of the trending colours being ClearVue Solar Control. Solar Control provides 57% heat transmission and 35% light transmission, making it a great option for outdoor areas that receive a lot of sun while keeping yourself cooler.

The finished product is both sleek and elegant. It is also a more economical option when compared to other glass systems, enabling you to enjoy quality and style without breaking the bank.

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