Marshall Innovations ProFoot Pedestal Range

Published: 25 September 2023

The Profoot adjustable Pedestal range creates that seamless indoor-outdoor flow that is so important to the Kiwi lifestyle.

Offering a versatile modular decking system comprising of various base pedestals ranging from 10mm to 500mm+. The system works in conjunction with a range of adaptors to suit timber, stone or the EVO aluminum substructure.

ProFoot decking system was created to address several practical and aesthetic challenges associated with traditional deck construction methods.

Floating decks are generally easier and quicker to install than traditional decks that require complex foundation work. Floating decks are not attached to a building’s structure, which allows them to be placed virtually anywhere on a property. This design flexibility is particularly useful for uneven terrain, small or awkwardly shaped spaces, or locations where it might be challenging to attach a deck to an existing structure.

ProFoot Pedestals are German manufactured and designed. Marshall Innovations is the exclusive distributor for New Zealand.

Case Study:

Over the past 23 years, Fahey Kwiat Builders Ltd. have worked with clients as diverse as Catholic schools, property projects, Otago University, Mercy Hospital, Housing NZ, Allied Press group, insurance work (Vero/Tower/AAI), and numerous projects for well known Dunedin designers and architects.

Recently, Fahey Kwiat used the Eurotec Pedestal decking System with Evo Frame.

“Our association with Gavin Ross and Marshall Innovations has been growing steadily over the last few years due to their expertise; a great well designed product range and simplicity of application and construction installation methodology that comes with it.”

“Gavin was there on the day to provide detailed instructions and from there it was an absolute breeze to install the product.”

“What we found was that it gave us a faultless straight finish surface with minimal effort which is what we all want to see.”

“It’s a product that we will be recommending to future clients and currently have included it our pricing to proposed roof top alterations to the Chamberson Hotel here in Dunedin.”

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