Introducing VIG, Making Window and Door Insulation Easy and Effective

Published: 26 September 2023

Triple glazing used to be the best thermal and acoustic insulation option for windows but its effectiveness is limited and makes for extremely thick and heavy windows, noticeably reducing light transmission.

The typical home loses 30% of its heat through windows, so highly insulated windows are an energy efficiency option with a disproportionately large benefit. Essentially, a Vacuum Insulated Glass (VIG) window is like a flat, transparent thermos bottle that dramatically reduces heat loss and sound penetration – super thin panes of glass, separated by tiny spacers, are sealed around the edges. The vacuum between the two panes virtually eliminates conduction and convection heat loss.

Landvac is tempered Vacuum Insulated Glass (VIG) that combines the best thermal insulation and noise reduction with appealing aesthetics allowing seamless integration into existing frames or new windows and doors. Landvac has the most advanced VIG technology, optimizing indoor comfort by outperforming conventional IGUs (Insulated Glass Units).



The nature of new high performance windows means that they are much thicker than old-fashioned single-glazed windows due to the requirement of air space between the glass panels.

This means that older homes originally built with single glaze windows cannot have insulated multipane units without replacement of sashes, beads and potentially panels as the new glass units will not fit existing aluminium profiles. This in turn causes issues with colour matching the remaining profiles.

Retro fitting with FMI’s VIG perfectly addresses this problem because it is thin enough to fit into existing single-glazed windows and doors.

By adding a VIG to one skin of an insulated glass unit, you are effectively super charging it as far as thermal and acoustic properties are concerned

This is an effective way of gaining increased thermal performance for either replacement windows and doors or windows and doors for a new home.



Energy Conservation
Since there is no thermal expansion or contraction in the high vacuum chamber of LandVac, the use of LandVac is not limited by geographical locations or elevation. The high vacuum chamber of LandVac, effectively blocks thermal transmission ensuring the thermal insulation performance of LandVac is significantly better than either single pane and insulated glass at reducing heat exchange. Compared with insulated glass, the energy consumption per unit of floor area is reduced by approximately 20%.

Noise Reduction
Thanks to the high vacuum chamber of LandVac , which effectively blocks the sound transmission, the sound insulation performance is far better than insulated glass. LandVac’s weighted sound reduction index which exceeds 36 dB, delivers remarkable acoustic properties against high penetrative medium and low frequency noises such as traffic noises.

Thinner and Lighter
LandVac’s structure is thinner and lighter than insulated glass. A piece of 8.3 mm thick LandVac weighs only 20kg/㎡, is light and aesthetically pleasing.

Fully Tempered
By adopting low temperature sealing technology LandVac retains exceptional high strength and impact resistance. If the glass does break, it breaks into small honeycomb shaped particles.

Thermal Insulation
The properties of this product meet all international thermal transmittance requirements on windows and doors for passive houses.

Super Long Life
The service life expectancy of LandVac exceeds 25 years. By using flexible edge-sealing materials, LandVac overcomes the seal failure problem caused by fragile sealing materials especially in an environment with big temperature difference between the inner and outer glass surfaces.

After the material is “activated”, while maintaining its solid form (i.e. not being evaporated) it turns into the getter that absorbs gas directly. With the assistance of built-in high efficiency getter material, it can sustain a high level of vacuum for a long time.

Easy to Replace
LandVac will make historic building restoration work easy and safe. A single piece of LanVac is only 8.3 mm in thickness. When upgrading a single pane window, LandVac can be easily fitted into the original window and door frames to better retain the original shape of the building.

Excellent UV Filtering
LandVac insulated glass effectively lowers the UV radiation protecting indoor furniture and home appliances.

Lead Free
The Testing Report from CTI, which is authorized by RoHS EU, has witnessed the outstanding environmental-friendly performance of LandVac. CTI testing concludes that the metal sealing material is lead-free, hazard-free, and food-grade safe.

FMI – your insulation solution leader
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