Eliment Insulation – a cost-effective alternative

Published: 26 September 2023

Eliment Thermal and Acoustic Glasswool Insulation is a cost-effective alternative for more price-sensitive customers wanting to save money on new build or renovation costs.

Eliment Insulation is made by PGF in Malaysia solely for New Zealand and is distributed by Enveloped Solutions. PGF has been operating one of the largest glasswool plants in the Southern Hemisphere for over 40 years and a significant part of their volume is currently being sold into Australia where products have been well accepted into both residential and commercial applications.

Fully compliant with the NZ Building Code, Eliment can be a viable substitution for other insulation or glasswool products on the market.

All Eliment insulation products have been evaluated and certified through CodeMark, and will meet or contribute to the relevant provisions within the New Zealand Building Code. Eliment has even been evaluated and accepted by EECA and is being used under the Government’s own Healthy Homes retrofit programme.

Eliment Insulation is widely available to order through ITM, PlaceMakers and other selected building merchants and professional installers around the country.

Key selling points include:
– Codemark Certified
– EECA approved
– Designed for NZ conditions
– Solutions for new H1 compliance
– Made using up to 80% recycled glass
– Compressed up to 15x at packaging to reduce transport and CO2 emissions
– 70-year product Warranty

For more information, see the website: https://elimentinsulation.co.nz/