STEICO Wood Fibre Insulation – Offering protection against cold, heat, noise, and moisture

Published: 26 July 2023

Comfortech® is proud to introduce their new product by STEICO that will change the way you insulate a home or building against the environment.

  • STEICOduo dry: a combined sheathing and render board made from natural wood fibres.

STEICO Wood Fibre Insulation is an innovative material that protects against cold, heat, noise, and moisture.

Manufactured from renewable materials, STEICO Wood Fibre increases thermal and acoustic comfort in the home while helping to manage external moisture.

Not only is STEICO Wood Fibre beneficial for homes, it is also environmentally friendly, providing “double climate protection” – capturing CO2 while also reducing CO2 emissions through the reduction of energy used in heating and cooling.

When STEICO Wood Fibre products are used as part of a well-designed building envelope, the structure is protected from external temperature fluctuations and other changing environmental conditions – lengthening, and improving the performance of the building over its lifespan.

STEICOduo dry are imported and distributed in New Zealand by Comfortech®.

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