Stanilite Emergency Lighting: Enhancing Safety and Aesthetics in Commercial and Industrial Spaces

Published: 26 July 2023

Reliable emergency lighting is not just an add-on – it provides an essential lifeline during a crisis. That’s where the Stanilite Emergency Lighting Range steps up, leveraging the experience and capability of leading power and automation technology company, ABB.

Emergency lighting needs to provide illumination throughout all escape routes. In fact, any area of a commercial building that is occupied needs emergency lighting that indicates changes in surface height e.g. staircases and steps, fire and first-aid points, changes in direction, exit routes and more.

In Commercial and Industrial buildings these areas should include:

  • Each exit door.
  • Escape routes.
  • Intersection of corridors.
  • Outside each final exit and on external escape routes.
  • Emergency escape signs.
  • Stairways so that each flight receives adequate light.
  • Changes in floor level.

Emergency lighting is a lifeline in hazardous situations created by this complicated backdrop. Crucially, it enables the safe, prompt and efficient evacuation of spaces and buildings, not only in cases of blackout caused by power outages but when sunlight and mains lighting may still be available, but inadequate.

Stanilite is a leading life safety solutions provider, delivering state-of-the-art systems and products to the emergency lighting market. Stanilite products and services are specifically designed to provide the most effective protection and safety, in line with customer needs, relevant industry standards and regulations.

Most products are engineered to a modular design format, which promotes straightforward, cost-effective installation and maintenance. Modular design enables first-fix installation of the key wiring components with later connection of gear trays, diffusers and edgelits etc, for easy management and replacement of parts.

The Stanilite Emergency Lighting Range includes:

Quickfit® – The Quickfit range employs LED technology offering unsurpassed light source performance and longevity. Coupled with pulsetime control of battery charging, which maximises battery life, the result is exceptional efficiency. Compatible with existing Quickfit mounting brackets and available in a frame-only configuration which will accept existing Quickfit diffusers, upgrading of existing installations to the latest technology is both simple and cost effective.

Spitfire® – The Spitfire range has been designed to provide high visibility whilst remaining architecturally pleasing with a modern and unobtrusive design. A full range of products are available in recessed, surface mount and weatherproof surface mount variants in standard, Nexus LX and Nexus RF. There are single and dual LED fittings available, ensuring you have a product for all applications.

Nexus® RF wireless system – A proven, well-established and widely installed system for monitoring and testing Stanilite® emergency and evacuation lighting. The Nexus system has been designed to enable maintenance personnel to easily test and maintain the emergency lighting system, without the need to walk through the building to visually verify performance, without the need to disrupt the power supply, and comply with the requirements of AS2293.

The Stanilite Emergency Lighting Range is imported and distributed in New Zealand by Electrical Supply Corp.

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