REHAU PINC: Simplifying Water Pipe Connections for Efficient Plumbing Installations

Published: 26 July 2023

REHAU PINC is an innovative solution designed to simplify water pipe connections through any type of building, including standalone houses, apartments, retirement village units, townhouses, flats, and mixed commercial or residential units.

REHAU PINC was specifically created with the needs of plumbers and tradesmen in mind. The focus is on what lies behind the wall, as REHAU understands the importance of robust connections. By utilising REHAU pipe cutters, the PINC push-in connect fitting simplifies the installation process, reducing time by up to an impressive 60% without compromising efficiency or durability. Tradesmen can meet project deadlines more effectively and increase overall productivity.

REHAU PINC seamlessly integrates with REHAU’s existing hot and cold-water fittings, such as DZR Brass or PX Polymer options. Compatibility with REHAU’s PE-Xa SDR 7.4 pipes, available in platinum, red, green, and lilac variants, allows for a flexible mix-and-match approach during installations.

A renowned global manufacturer, REHAU is the driving force behind the PINC innovation. With a proven track record and hundreds of millions of REHAU fittings installed worldwide, tradesmen can rely on the quality and reliability of their solutions.

REHAU PINC is available in New Zealand through local plumbing distributors, ensuring convenient access for professionals in the field.

For more information on the potential of REHAU PINC and how it can revolutionize plumbing installations, see the official website at