Panasonic AC Smart Cloud: Complete Control and Optimization for Commercial Buildings

Published: 26 July 2023


Introducing the Panasonic AC Smart Cloud, a system that revolutionises the way businesses manage and optimise energy consumption in commercial buildings.

The AC Smart Cloud system is designed to centralise control of business premises, regardless of the number or location of sites, with easy access and manage all your installations from a tablet or computer. With just a simple click, you receive real-time status updates for all your installations, ensuring uninterrupted operations and optimised costs.

Flexibility and scalability are key advantages of the AC Smart Cloud system, allowing easy management and comparison of energy consumption across various sites, locations, and rooms. The system also provides powerful statistics for energy savings, allowing users to compare power consumption, capacity, and efficiency levels based on variable parameters such as yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily.

Other notable features include schedule setting for weekly and holiday timers, maintenance notifications, floor layout visualization, and user customisation, allowing site administrators to create and assign customised user-profiles.

Installing the Panasonic AC Smart Cloud system is designed to be simple. By connecting the communication adaptor to the Panasonic bus and Ethernet, users can set up the cloud system in just three simple steps: connecting wires and establishing an internet connection, registering the adapter in the cloud, and configuring the unit structure.

Panasonic New Zealand Ltd. is the proud maker and distributor of the AC Smart Cloud system, delivering reliable and cutting-edge technology to customers in the commercial sector.

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