Introducing StormCell: The Smart Solution for Stormwater Detention

Published: 26 July 2023

StormCell, a revolutionary smart engineered system stormwater detention system by Marshall Innovations is making waves in the construction sector.

The StormCell system offers a flexible design whilst also being lightweight and high load-bearing – making it the ideal alternative to Soak Pits and time-consuming crate systems.

The StormCell system has minimal componentry for rapid assembly and offers a high void ratio enabling the best utilisation of space on your site. As it is very portable, it can be carried in to hard-to-reach places, allowing for installation in difficult situations.

For areas that require vehicular access, there are options available to create trafficable areas, making it a versatile choice for a range of applications.

Additionally, the stackable modules of the StormCell system enable economical transportation and on-site storage, further enhancing its efficiency and convenience.

StormCell is the brainchild of Marshall Innovations. As a trusted supplier of premium imported and New Zealand manufactured weather tightness and construction solutions, Marshall Innovations brings their expertise to the stormwater management industry.

With a commitment to delivering innovative and reliable products, architects and designers can trust StormCell to meet their stormwater detention needs.

To learn more about StormCell and how it can revolutionize stormwater detention in your projects, visit