In the Wash with Resene

Published: 26 July 2023

Achieve semi-transparent colour changes on a wide range of concrete surfaces both indoors and out with the new Resene ‘In The Wash’ collection of concretewash colours.

This range can be used to bring subtle, buildable sheer colour to concrete walls (interior and exterior), interior floors, exterior walkways and decorative elements like concrete planters and furniture. The product leverages Resene Concrete Clear, Resene Concrete Wax and Resene Concrete Clear Walk-on technology to offer customers a variety of different finishes to both colour and protect set concrete. Five colours are currently available – Resene Whitewash, Resene Greigewash, Resene Blondewash, Resene Claywash and Resene Stonewash – to impart a range of different nature-inspired hues.

Resene ConcreteWash colours can be applied to surfaces in a uniform manner using spray application, such as on these outdoor patio paving stones, to achieve an even wash of colour. But if you’re after an artistic, fresco-like look, you can experiment with how you apply Resene ConcreteWash. On the front two plant pots, Resene ConcreteWash was applied with a brush in a criss-cross manner to create appealing visual texture.

The beauty of Resene ConcreteWash colours lie in their subtleness, with buildable colour that can be used to create a variety of looks. Applying the product by spray can achieve a uniform wash of colour over walls or floors, but you can also get an artisanal, almost fresco-like effect with a bit of experimentation. For example, try applying Resene ConcreteWash colours with a brush in a criss-cross fashion to concrete planters or accessories for a variegated look.

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