REHAU PINC – Push in Connect

Published: 25 May 2023

REHAU PINC, it’s all in the name. PUSH IN CONNECT – simple, fast, safe. Simply put it’s REHAU.

REHAU PINC is an innovative solution to connect hot and cold-water pipes throughout a building, whether it’s for standalone houses, apartments, retirement village units, townhouses, flats, mixed commercial or residential units.

With its unique push-in connect fitting, PINC simplifies the installation process. Just push the pipe into the PINC™ fitting until it stops, listen for the audible “CLICK” and verify that the pink guide ring is fully visible, to know that installation is complete.

Compatible with both 16mm and 20mm pipe-out installations REHAU PINC is effective in all kinds of installations, including very tight spaces where the installer would usually find it hard to make a safe connection.

REHAU PINC was created by REHAU trusted product development team with the specifier and installer in mind. REHAU understands how important it is to have trusted products installed behind the wall in every built environment.

Recognising that costs are always a factor for the contractor, the PINC push in connect fitting has been developed to help reduce the need for tools, also helping to bring down the installation time without compromising efficiency and durability.

REHAU is proven globally, with REHAU fittings used by more than 25,000 global professionals who trust REHAU innovation solutions. REHAU PINC is available in New Zealand from local plumbing distributors.

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The REHAU Group is a family business, established by Helmut Wagner in the small Bavarian town of REHAU in 1948. REHAU started out with just 3 staff, today there are over 25,000 staff across 40 global manufacturing facilities, producing over 15,000 products globally.

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