Introducing New Zealand’s First R32 Mini VRF System

Published: 25 May 2023

Panasonic is excited to announce their new line of Panasonic Mini VRFs.

A mini VRF system is a heating and cooling solution that uses a single outdoor unit and multiple indoor units. It provides superior comfort, efficiency, and flexibility compared to traditional air conditioning systems, thanks to its ability to precisely match the heating/cooling demand of each individual zone, its larger capacity range, and the option to connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit.

This makes mini VRF systems a great option for commercial or residential projects that require flexible connections, higher energy efficiency, and lower operating costs.

Now using R32 technology, this is Panasonic’s lowest GWP Mini VRF system yet. This environmentally friendly and highly efficient Mini Game Changer is available in 5 capacity options (4HP*, 5HP*, 6HP*, 8HP and 10HP). *Available in single and three phase power supply.

These new Mini VRF feature our highest capacity ratio, increasing from 130% up to 150%.

Engineered with safety in mind. The R32 Mini VRF has the added advantage of an optional refrigerant leak detector sensor (CZ-CGLSC1).

The refrigerant leak detector sensor has an integrated alarm and can output a signal to a central alarm system in the building.

The R32 Mini VRF is compatible with a full range of Panasonic indoor units, making it easier to offer a multitude of design solutions.

This provides the added benefit of Panasonic’s exclusive nanoe™ X technology – designed to actively fight viruses, mould, bacteria and connects up to 16 indoor units (dependent on outdoor model).  (View Compatibility chart & full specs below).

For more information contact CMS, your Panasonic Supplier or check out the links below:

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