GIB® Rondo®: Your Gold Standard for a Flat Ceiling

Published: 25 May 2023

If you’re after a perfectly flat ceiling, Dave Twigg, Managing Director of Agility Builders, reckons you can’t go past GIB® Rondo®.

He’s been using the metal batten ceiling system for 20 years, and as a Registered Master Builder who’s worked in Wellington, Christchurch, UK and the Netherlands, he knows his stuff.

Now based in Lower Hutt, Dave and his highly skilled team of 20 specialise in building superbly finished mid to high end residential homes. Quality workmanship is their top priority, and GIB® Rondo® never disappoints.

“Agility Builders uses GIB® Rondo® extensively. It’s the quickest way for us to create a perfectly flat ceiling and can be installed easily with only one or two people involved,” says Dave.

His clients love it too. “They get a perfectly flat ceiling every time – and no popped screws!”

GIB® Rondo® is a custom-designed system that forms a flexible but rigid frame, and unlike timber, it doesn’t shrink and warp with moisture changes. That means no peaking and popping of screws, less chance of plasterwork cracking, and fewer call backs.

“As the GIB® Rondo® system is metal, we know everything is straight, unlike timber which can often be damp, warped or bowed, which can lead to an uneven surface and screws popping. The system is also a lot lighter than timber.”

As a result, it’s quick and easy to install – even if you’ve just got one builder on site.

“I can just set up the laser to ensure everything is set perfectly level, set up the perimeter channel, mark out and hang clips, cut the GIB® Rondo® to length and clip into place.”

Another drawcard is the range of clips and accessories for different fixing scenarios, including noise reduction and suspended ceiling options.

“That’s another reason we like it – there are lots of different parts and components to help with various situations.”

During one of Agility Builders’ recent renovations in Khandallah, GIB® Rondo® served two purposes.

“It enabled us to create a new ceiling that was significantly more level than the existing joists allowed (that was particularly important as a new kitchen was being installed and scribed to the ceiling), and it also dropped the ceiling height just enough to allow standard 2.4 sheets of GIB® to be used on the walls!”

Relying on a proven and trusted system like GIB® Rondo® gives Dave and his team – and their clients – peace of mind.

“We only work with reputable brands that are backed by warranties, this ensures our clients are getting the best possible service and products.”