Ventia: Better Underlays – Best Price

Ventia: Better Underlays – Best Price
Published: 18 March 2023

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European made Ventia underlays have the best breathability, absorbency and vapour transmission rate on the market, protecting New Zealand homes and commercial buildings from excessive moisture damage caused by poorly performing products.

But most importantly, they won’t cost you the earth!

Ventia underlays are made by top European manufacturer, mdm®NT, a Polish specialist in roofing technologies. EBuilt has been distributing Ventia products into the New Zealand marketplace since 2018.

All Ventia products are BRANZ appraised for New Zealand and Australia. They not only meet the New Zealand building code requirements but exceed them, having been developed for the much tougher European insulation standards and international certification.

“We’ve been able to bring a higher performing product to the market at a lot less cost and that’s purely because of the technological advancements in manufacturing technology in Europe,” says EBuilt Business Development Manager, Brent Parker.

“We saw an opportunity in the marketplace, because the market leader in the New Zealand marketplace is using technology that’s about 15 to 20 years old. And we thought: “why are we paying so much money for a product that could perform better, cost less and still meet all of the brand’s requirements and building code?”.

Parker says on an international comparison, our building code is quite low in terms of breathability minimum standards, and the current market leader only just meets the code.

“We wanted a product that just smashes it out of the park,” he says.

“ Ventia Platinum Plus heavy duty roofing underlay outperforms the key market player by about seven times and is approximately a dollar cheaper a square metre.”

Key benefits improved breathability, vapor transmission rate and strength.

“There’s also advantages in durability. If you’ve done a wall wrap and you’ve got sub-trades coming in, they tend to put holes in the product easily. But customers are finding our product’s a lot more durable and the tear resistance is a lot higher. So they’re saving time and not having to go back and fix things. Once they use it, then they don’t go back!”

EBuilt also provides penetration seals for plumbing and electrical and flashing tapes which the EBuilt team say are extremely sticky and not bituminous, so they’ll stick in all weather and even stick in water.

“Our flashing tapes are really easy to work with, extremely sticky and builders are finding them a lot quicker and easier to work with in all temperatures. They work in hot weather, they work in cold weather, so they’re good for the whole country.”

Parker says that the price difference is locked in for the next 12 months with enough stock to maintain current prices. And to back that up, EBuilt offers free delivery nationwide, extra service levels, and provides all the supporting technical documents.

 “So if it’s specified on a project or a builder wants to try it, we can deal directly with the builder or we can send it to his favourite merchant and we’ll cover the cost of delivery,” Parker

Ventia products are available right now on order through your preferred Building Supplies Merchant, or visit