EcoMix® and EcoMix®+ | Low Carbon Concrete

EcoMix and EcoMix+ | Low Carbon Concrete
Published: 18 March 2023


Firth’s commitment to reduce their environmental impact has seen the company develop a lower carbon concrete, using low carbon cement and for super low carbon mixes, supplementary cementitious materials to further reduce the level of embodied carbon (EC) in concrete mixes. Firth EcoMix® Certified Concrete are in a very strong position to assist customers in economically reducing their carbon footprint and achieving their sustainability goals. Firth are using our leading position in the concrete industry to meet customer demand for low carbon concrete mixes. Firth’s commitment to reduce our environmental impact ensures that all EcoMix® concrete has a lower carbon footprint*.

Designed for use in all concrete applications, Firth EcoMix® and EcoMix®+ concrete offers the combination of reduced embodied carbon with the highest quality standards ensuring strength, performance, appearance, and workability are maintained.

EcoMix and EcoMix+ | Low Carbon Concrete

Firth’s Embodied Carbon Concrete Calculator (EC3) allows the company to design customer-specific low-carbon concrete mixes that still tick all the boxes for strength and durability. With the EC3 tool, Firth can design EcoMix® to meet customers’ desired Embodied Carbon (EC) rating and thus make a meaningful contribution to the low carbon efforts of the construction industry as a whole.

EcoMix and EcoMix+ | Low Carbon Concrete

The EC Rating has been developed to measure the Embodied Carbon reduction of Firth EcoMix® concrete relative to the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC) 2020 baseline. Firth EcoMix® standard concrete is supplied at a minimum EC10 level with a 10-20% carbon reduction, dependent on regional constraints*.

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EcoMix® can reduce carbon intensity between 20-40% against the EC baseline using lower carbon cement made in NZ and when required supplementary additives that enhance durability of concrete.

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EcoMix®+ can reduce carbon intensity over 40% against the EC baseline. Engineered with higher proportion of cement replacement additives, Firth can support designers and contractors to achieve maximum sustainability outcome for their project.

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*Reduction in embodied carbon compared to 2020 EC Baseline (ISC) for ready mix concrete provided by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council from the materials calculator NZ 2.0.