Light Plan Introduces a Cost Effective Halo

Light Plan Introduces a Cost Effective Halo
Published: 21 November 2022


With 20 years supplying cost-effective, high quality lighting, Light Plan has the market covered.

Originally aimed solely at residential product, the company has steadily grown its offering to the point that now, most of their work consists of commercial and architectural lighting solutions, even up to the largest projects.

Now, Light Plan has recently released a new ring light under their own brand C-LINE, to meet demand from the architectural marketplace.

Light Plan Introduces a Cost Effective Halo

Available in three sizes: 900mm, 1200mm and 1800mm and a black finish, this new fixture produces a distinctive halo effect that is perfect for board rooms, reception areas, retail spaces, hair salons and more.

The three sizes can be used individually or grouped together as desired for different lighting effects.

Light Plan designs and imports their own products to meet market demand. With bespoke products it may take up to four pieces to make up a lighting ring, but the C-LINE product comes complete, providing the perfect, cost-effective solution.

Other popular products by Light Plan include magnetic track lighting for homes and businesses, as well as  linear track light, which is popular in supermarkets and retail stores and now commonly used in office blocks and commercial spaces.

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