REHAU PINC™ – Push Fit for Faster Connnections

REHAU PINC™ - Push Fit for Faster Connnections
Published: 22 September 2022


PINC™ is push-fit technology created for faster installation, while also delivering the high quality, safety and reliability of REHAU.

REHAU understands that plumbing is changing with customers wanting simpler installs, better productivity, more potential to grow profit and opportunities to save time.

The PINC™ product range satisfies these needs by bringing efficiency and ease to any plumbing project. The PINC™ fitting system also complements REHAU’s trusted sliding sleeve system – same pipe, different connection technology.

PINC™ requires less steps to make a connection and therefore less possibility of human error. Advice on correct installation is easily accessible by scanning a QR code which is part of the packaging.

REHAU PINC™ - Push Fit for Faster Connnections

The PINC™ guide ring provides visual confirmation of a successful joint that is easily verifiable by the supervisor on site, even in areas with low-light conditions.

And after connection, the pipe can’t be removed – the internal pipe grab ring resists pull-out forces up to 2.5 tons for 20mm pipe and means the connection is safe and reliable.

REHAU PINC™ - Push Fit for Faster Connnections

The REHAU PINC™ system is Watermark certified and has been tested to AS/NZS 4020 (Materials in contact with drinking water) in its latest edition.

REHAU’s 25 year warranty for PINC™ includes 10 years cover for damages up to $200,000 per installation. REHAU believes it is the only company to provide this additional coverage. The warranty is backed directly by REHAU as the manufacturer – a reliable business partner in the New Zealand market since 1996.

REHAU PINC™ - Push Fit for Faster Connnections

REHAU is a proud German company established in 1948. With around 20,000 employees and 170 locations worldwide, REHAU is a global leader and a polymer expert in the Construction, Automotive, Industry and Medical industry. REHAU is committed to delivering uncompromising quality, product and manufacturing standards.

REHAU has local offices in Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne, servicing the entire market in New Zealand and Australia. The company offers training, certification, on-site support and site inspections to ensure the contractors are REHAU trained and requirements are implemented, which then gives all involved the confidence in the product and installation.

Learn more about REHAU PINC, directly from REHAU at  or by talking with our plumbing merchants across both North and South Islands of New Zealand.

PINC™ is mix and match with REHAU’s trusted sliding sleeve technology. Same high quality PE-Xa pipe, its REHAU your way.

REHAU PINC™ - Push Fit for Faster Connnections

Key Information

  • PINC™ fittings are made to suit RAUTITAN pipe SDR 7.4 (PN20) made of PE-Xa, this is the same pipe used for REHAU’s compression sleeve system that has been pioneer of the PE-X pipe technology since 1988, and has been in operation in New Zealand since over 25 years. This means it is the only pipe system that has surpassed its warranty period in actual service!
  • RAUTITAN PE-Xa pipes are designed based on a safety factor of 1.5 and have a burst pressure of 7 MPa. In comparison, standard operating pressures are usually around 0.5 MPa.
  • PINC™ fittings have been developed, tested and again improved over a period of many years, surpassing REHAU internal tests and tests required as per ISO 15875 and AS/NZS 2537, providing a safety level comparable to RAUTITAN system.
  • PINC™ fittings have a 50-year design life and are designed for operating conditions with continuous temperature and pressure of 70degC @ 1,000 kPa over 49 years + 80degC @ 1,000 kPa over 1 year + 95degC @ 1,000 kPa over 100 hours (in case of system malfunctions).
  • All materials used in PINC™ fittings are resistant to contact with solvents.
  • The fitting has 2x integrated EPDM O-rings for added safety that seal on the inside of the pipe. EPDM is the material of choice for hot water application and can handle chlorine levels as per the Drinking water standards for New Zealand.