Home switches and sockets have never been so inspired!

Home switches and sockets have never been so inspired!
Published: 22 September 2022

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From its ergonomic interface and sleek, elegant design, to its revolutionary connected functionality – Living Now by Bticino is a master-class in innovative product design. It combines aesthetic, user-experience and technological evolution to turn the humble switch into a true control interface.  And, it’s now available in New Zealand.

“We are convinced that, to make a difference in a competitive sector like ours, one must concentrate on innovation and enrich the value of the electrical system, offering the user added value in terms of functionality, information and interaction. With this new solution, Living Now confirms that it represents for the world of electrical infrastructures the same revolution as the smartphone has represented for telecommunications” – Franco Villani, BTicino Managing Director.

Innovative, sustainable design

With its clean lines and distinctive shape, Living Now is instantly recognisable. Each device features an aesthetic cover which is available in two colours: white and black, each featuring a luxurious satin finish. The Living Now cover plate range includes 12 finishes, made from a range of designer materials including techno polymer metal and wood.

The zamak and wood finishes are obtained using sustainable production procedures. Each cover plate is unique and features distinguishable features making them one-of-a-kind.

Living Now frames can move freely on the four corners, guaranteeing that it is attached to the body in a simple and always optimum way, giving an appearance of a floating frame. The light can be switched on or off by pressing any point on the surface. The patented self centering system allows the control covers to always remain aligned to the other light point components even after many operations. After being pressed, the keys return to their original position, perfectly in sync.

Smart home, simply

With Living Now, all homes can be smart. Installed just like a traditional electrical system, Living Now allows you to enjoy smart, automation functions by connecting it to your home Wi-Fi network. Use the HOME + CONTROL App. on a smart device to control lights, small appliances and shutters and more.

Lock down your house with one click

Turn off all lights and lower all blinds simultaneously with a single command and use the dedicated app to change any connected devices in the scenario afterwards.

Stay connected at all times

Monitor the status of your home remotely via your smartphone and receive notifications in case of any alarm event. And, thanks to the “presence simulation” function, you can also programme light and shutter activation as if you were at home.

Keep your consumption in check

Energy saving is important not only for your wallet, but the planet as well. Keep consumption in check through the consumption monitoring function available via the app. Living Now with Netatmo can also warn you when you are approaching the maximum consumption threshold. Deactivate the least important appliances directly from the app.

Talk and your system responds

Looking for a relaxed start to Sunday morning? No problem, you can control all system functions simply with your voice, via smartphone or voice assistants. Capable with Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Comfortable temperature. Wherever you are.

Control and manage your home temperature in a smart way wherever you are, thanks to the Connected thermostat Smarther with Netatmo, and the compatibility with voice assistants and the Netatmo smart radiator valves.

Wireless flexibility

Battery-powered controls mean you can place switches wherever you want without the need for wiring.

Scenario management

Control several controls together to create your perfect scenarios. The gateway comes with the preconfigured control for in and out scenarios ready for use. All the scenarios can be freely set and customised using a Smartphone and the HOME + CONTROL App.

Bring design, technical excellence and simple connected home solutions to your next project with Living Now. Discover more here.  Click on Resources to access Catalogues.Living Now is designed and made by Bticino, a brand of Legrand, now available through Legrand subsidies worldwide, aimed at Architects, Designers, Specifiers, High End Builders and Electricians.

For more information, see https://legrand.co.nz/products/living-now/switches-living-now