A Breathtaking addition to your space

A Breathtaking addition to your space
Published: 22 September 2022


The Real Flame Element range is simply breathtaking with its clean lines, beautiful flame pattern and multiple media options. With an impressive star rating and the latest in power balanced flue technology it makes it the perfect product to create that impressive statement.

High-Efficiency Gas Fires

Element is Real Flame’s best-selling range of high efficiency gas space heaters. This stunning and innovative range of High-Efficiency Gas fires will keep you warm and cosy no matter the season, and are designed to be the most sustainable and energy efficient that they can be. Compared to coal and oil, gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, making it a viable and energy-efficient heating solution. And our High-Efficiency Gas Fires were designed to pair the homey atmosphere of natural flames with the maximum heating capacity that gas power offers, so there’s no better and more stylish way to keep the cold at bay. Available with Natural Gas or ULPG.

A Breathtaking addition to your spaceElement 1200

Control at the touch of a button, from wherever you are

The Element range comes as standard with a programmable remote control, and Wi-Fi capability. The Real Flame app (available for Android and iOS) allows control of your fireplace via your home Wi-Fi network from your smartphone, with no costly additional hard-wire cabling required

Simplicity with Power-Balanced Flue

A key features of the Element range is the Real Flame Power-Balanced Flue (PBF) system, which draws air for combustion from outside your home or building. This means that unlike traditional gas and wood fires, the Real Flame Element range requires no additional ventilation to be provided in the building. Benefiting two storey homes, apartments and commercial projects and allowing for total flexibility during installation.

A Breathtaking addition to your spaceElement 1800

Spoilt for Choice

With the range of sizes you don’t need sacrifice having a breathtaking fireplace in your home. Choose from three size options – 900, 1200, and 1800. No matter if you are heating a large commercial space or smaller living space, there’s the perfect size to suit. Add your personal touch by customising the media, create a seaside escape with driftwood or pebbles or a cosy cabin feel using log or coals.

If you are looking for a fire to keep the chill away on cold wintry evenings paired with beautiful flame, this fire will be perfect for you.

A Breathtaking addition to your space
Nuvo 1800 in 3-sided view with Alpine Forest media

Coming Soon

Introducing the Real Flame Nuvo, a room sealed decorative fireplace designed to suit modern building styles. Available in 1200 and 1800mm size options, this fireplace can be configured in 4 different viewing styles to suit each type of installation.

Nuvo range comes with unparalleled fuel bed options that are true to its heritage. To enhance the aesthetic integrity of the range, Nuvo is offered standard with anti-reflective glass, ensuring the client’s focus is on the relaxing flame as it interacts with the enchanting fuel beds. Available late 2022.

Find out more: https://www.realflame.co.nz