Warmup Waterproofed Shower Systems

Warmup Waterproofed Shower Systems
Published: 22 July 2022

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Whether you’re looking to revamp an old bathroom, or creating a modern wet room design, Warmup Waterproofed Shower Systems are the best way to ensure everything is waterproof and sealed correctly to avoid any damage down the line.

The Warmup Waterproofed Shower System is the most effective and efficient system for waterproofing bathrooms of all kinds.  Utilising the Warmup sheet membrane to waterproof walls and floors, it can be installed in just one day – and ready for tiling after only 24 hours.

Warmup has left nothing to chance, utilising the very best building materials for a superior result, including  Marmox shower bases, Warmup waterproofing sheet membrane and Warmup undertile heating as well.

Warmup Waterproofed Shower Systems

Tiled showers are functional and low maintenance, and they look stylish. By using Warmup Waterproofed Shower System, a tiled shower can be of any size and shape – no matter how big or small a bathroom is.

Warmup are so confident in their installations that they offer a 15-year warranty on the system (both materials and installations), and Warmup undertile heating comes with a lifetime warranty.

Warmup Waterproofed Shower Systems

The Warmup Waterproofed Shower System is BRANZ Appraised (No 774) for use with undertile heating includes the WPM750 waterproofing sheet membrane.

The system is suitable for all residential bathroom renovations and residential new builds including apartments and terraced houses, and also commercial properties such as hotels.

Find out more at https://www.warmup.co.nz/heating-products/tiled-shower-solutions.