State of Clad – Your New Name for Lightweight Cladding Systems

State of Clad – Your New Name for Lightweight Cladding Systems
Published: 19 July 2022

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There’s a new brand taking on the New Zealand construction cladding marketplace – State of Clad.

State of Clad’s primary focus is sourcing and distributing high quality, lightweight cladding systems from their international partners, CSR and Brickworks, specifically for the New Zealand architectural, construction and design communities.

State of Clad is the exclusive distributor in the NZ Brick Distributors LP stable of brands of Cemintel Territory™, Cemintel Surround™ and Cemintel Barestone™.

State of Clad – Your New Name for Lightweight Cladding Systems

Cemintel Territory™ prefinished panels are cement bonded, fibrous wood particle cladding that are pressed with a surface texture and colour. The inspiration comes from Japanese values of simplicity, nature and quality.

The prefinished cladding panels simulate materials like stone, timber, concrete, metal, tiles and smooth render in a sophisticated way to enhance building façades without the ongoing maintenance requirements.

State of Clad – Your New Name for Lightweight Cladding Systems

Cemintel Surround™ prefinished fibre cement panels take cladding to a new level. Featuring five neutral ‘ISH’ colours in five textures and a range of 16 secondary colours, this product allows architects, designers and builders to work with colour in ways that are both idiosyncratic and accessible.

The neutral palette of Whiteish, Greyish, Greenish, Blueish and Blackish is designed to be easy for all the different colours of the Collection to work with. An important aspect of Surround is that each colour comes in a range of different textures, adding a dimension to the façade of the building, or interior wall. With 5 different textures to choose from there is the prospect of some stunning results. 

Cemintel Barestone™ provides the original raw concrete look without the weight of actual concrete. The product can be used in diverse ways and cut to different shapes and sizes for dramatic design effect.  Sophisticated and contemporary, because the panels are prefinished, they’re low maintenance and doesn’t need painting.

State of Clad – Your New Name for Lightweight Cladding Systems

Barestone’s gritty, raw concrete look, provides an industrial aesthetic and creating a strong contrast to use of timber. It is also a practical choice that works in high construction, where concrete can be far too heavy. Barestone is also very resilient, able to handle dust and atmospheric pollution from passing traffic. 

Benefits of Fibre cement products

In addition to their material properties of durability, impact resistance, fire resistance and moisture resistance, fibre cement products provide significant design flexibility.

Material Choice. With many different profiles, thicknesses, sizes, colours and textures available; they can be mixed and matched to produce amazing and beautiful buildings.

Durable and low maintenance. Fibre cement products are dimensionally stable, especially when compared to timber.

They also hold colour very well, so they don’t need frequent repainting, which can happen with some other products such as timber and render products. Prefinished options are also available.

Increased speed of construction and easy to install. Fibre cement products and systems can increase speed of construction through fewer trades being required, and scaffold hire reduction. This can assist reaching lockup stage sooner.

To learn more about the benefits of lightweight cladding systems, contact State of Clad.

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