Level Entry Was Never So Easy

Level Entry Was Never So Easy
Published: 19 July 2022

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Thundaflo E2 Level Entry Threshold Channel Drain was created in response to market demand for a durable solution to meet new building standards, while providing flexibility and ease of installation.

The Thundaflo system provides a level entry into buildings that complies with Level Entry requirements of NZBC E2/AS1 ( – Concrete Slab) and MOE Weathertightness Design Requirements for New Schools, Version 3, Sept 2020.

Those requirement include:

  • Channel Dimensions (200mm min width, 150mm min depth)
  • 1:200 fall along channel
  • A 12mm continuous gap between grating and building fixtures
  • A sump between outlet and stormwater system
  • Wheelchair compliant grating
  • Grating can be removed for cleaning.

Level Entry Was Never So Easy

The Thundaflo E2 Level Entry Threshold Channel Drain is ideal for anywhere that requires a level entry into buildings. It is particularly useful where wheel chair access is required (e.g. retirement villages, hospitals) or prevention of a ‘trip hazard’ (e.g. schools).

Level Entry Was Never So Easy

A range of grating is offered from ‘high end’ stainless steel wedge-wire grating to fibre reinforced plastic for commercial applications. And the load rating of the drain can be varied from low (pedestrian) to heavy duty for vehicles traffic (e.g. car show rooms).

Several aspects of the system incorporate features from Thundaflo’s Heavy Duty system such as a built-in-fall, channel cross fall which directs moisture away from the building, levelling system and the inline sump.

Level Entry Was Never So Easy

Installation is easy due to clever design:

  • Three metre sections or multiples of 500mm lengths
  • Section lengths can be easily adjusted by telescoping the channels sections
  • Grating width can be adjusted to follow the building line
  • Slim, discreet 45mm width grating available
  • Three styles of grating: Wedgewire stainless, Lasercut stainless, Fibre reinforced polymer
  • In-Line sumps are available

Thundaflo is made and distributed in New Zealand by Thundaflo Ltd, based in Rotorua.

Learn more at  https://www.thundaflo.com/E2_Level_Threshold.html

Or phone: 021 190 1291