INTEGRA Central Barrier Intertenancy Walling System

INTEGRA Central Barrier Intertenancy Walling System
Published: 19 July 2022

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Comfort and safety are paramount features for owners when they are looking at working with architects and engineers on a project. Building developments are far higher density than the Kiwi 1/4 acre dream of the past.  And as a result, these new, higher density projects require solutions that support these changes in building design all the while exceeding minimum building code requirements, and remaining cost effective.

Resene Construction Systems introduces INTEGRA Central Barrier Intertenancy Walling System, a high performance suite of products providing resistance to horizontal fire and acoustic separation between adjacent tenancies in the same building.

The INTEGRA central barrier intertenancy wall system is designed for use in medium and high density housing developments. The system is comprised of INTEGRA lightweight concrete panels, mortar, acoustic brackets and screws that when stood provides a solid and durable intertenancy solution.

INTEGRA Central Barrier Intertenancy Walling System

Additionally, the system has been independently tested by BRANZ in terms of its fire performance with full scale fire testing and has achieved a minimum two hour fire rating (FRR 120/120/120) with ease.

Another critical element is its acoustic performance. Testing done at Auckland University has proven that this system achieves a minimum STC rating of 64 and can achieve a rating of up to 67. That far exceeds the minimum requirements of the building code, which is an STC rating of 55.

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System features:

  • Innovative design
  • Cost effective
  • All weather construction
  • Fast installation
  • All systems FRR 120/120/120
  • Minimum STC 64