Warmup Delivers Superior Underfloor Heating Options

Warmup Delivers Superior Underfloor Heating Options
Published: 4 May 2022


Radiant heating can help create a healthier indoor environment. While most heating systems blow and circulate warm air around the room, they also circulate dust, mites, and other allergens. By contrast, radiant heat doesn’t aggravate allergies and helps keep optimal humidity levels instead of drying the air.

Underfloor heating is less damaging to your home. By bringing down the overall air humidity levels, radiant heating reduces the chances of condensation forming on windows. This is important because prolonged exposure to condensation can cause problems like water damage, mould build-up, and warped window frames.

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In recent years, electric underfloor heating (especially in bathrooms) has quickly become very popular in New Zealand. That’s partly because Kiwis are recognising it as one of the most sustainable ways of heating. But there’s a whole lot more to the story.

People realise that when done right, the operational costs of electric underfloor heating are considerably less than many other options. On top of that, the comfort of warm feet is next level. Radiant heat creates an even heat distribution and eliminates cold spots. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll wake up to pleasantly warm floors every morning!


Heating accounts for a substantial part of your energy bills, but radiant heat systems can lower your household expenses due to their higher efficiency. Radiant heat has lower heat loss levels than radiators or electric heaters and is a cost-effective way of heating small and medium-sized bedrooms, with costs usually starting at $1.30 per day (based on a 12 sqm bedroom @ 0.26).

Electric Undertile Heating

Electric undertile heating is easy to install. It works for new builds and renovations alike. It’s a popular choice for bathrooms and smaller spaces because of the much cheaper set-up cost and the flexibility it offers. Because an electric underfloor system is not as bulky as a hydronic system, you can usually avoid the need to raise the floor.

Barefoot womans legs in bathroom

Benefits of Electric Undertile Heating

  • Comfort and luxury: People often comment on how underfloor heating produces a very pleasant, even warmth. It makes your home feel like the luxurious haven you want it to be.
  • High Thermal Conductivity: Tiled flooring and undertile heating are a combination made in heaven because of the high thermal conductivity and close to the tile surface proximity. Unlike some of the other underfloor heating systems that need to warm up the concrete slab first, the heat transfer from the wire to the tiles happens very quickly and effectively.
  • Space Saving: You can make maximal use of the space you have. You avoid unsightly clutter that seems to act as a dust trap.
  • Quiet: Undertile heating is silent. No need to say more.
  • Simple Operation: When you include a thermostat, undertile heating systems are simple to operate, just set the controls to the desired level of heat.
  • Low Running Costs: You can heat a smaller room like a bathroom for less than the cost of a coffee a week. Having your heating element at the lowest point in the room makes total sense when you consider that warm air rises. It makes for a very economical system. Use our Warmup calculator to check the approximate underfloor heating running costs.
  • Capital Gain: Underfloor heating increases the value of your home. For new homes bathroom, underfloor heating has become close to a necessity; for renovations of an older home, it’s a very smart investment.


Warmup Undertile Heating is one of the most popular undertile heating systems and also one of the most reliable and reputable.

All the Warmup heating elements and controls are certified to New Zealand standards. The heating elements come with a 10-year warranty. When installed by an accredited installer, both undertile heating elements and installation are guaranteed for life.

What’s not to like about toasty warm feet with a lifetime peace of mind?

Learn More at: https://www.warmup.co.nz/heating-products/underfloor-heating/