Faster Fitting with REHAU PINC™

Published: 4 May 2022


PINC™ is push-fit technology for faster plumbing installation, while also providing the high quality, safety and reliability of REHAU.

PINC™ has been designed and manufactured to the highest specifications, and is the result of decades of polymer product development. Plumbing is changing, with customers wanting simpler installs, better productivity, more potential to grow profit and opportunities to save time.

The PINC™ product range satisfies these needs – bringing efficiency and ease to any plumbing project. The PINC™ fittings satisfies system also complements REHAU’s trusted sliding sleeve – same pipe, different connect technology.


PINC™ works by pushing REHAU standard PE – Xa 16 or 20 mm hot or cold water pipe into a PINC™ connector joint until it clicks – the joint is completely home when the 360o fluorescent UV pink inspection ring is fully visible – simplicity and trust.


PINC™ is also dark place friendly – simply shine a UV torch at the pink inspection ring to see a full circle view of the completed joint – safety. It’s also tool free, apart from a trusty pipe cutter – efficiency.

REHAU PINC™ is ideal for:

  • Residential and commercial plumbing — ideal for multi residential or stand-alone and modular housing applications,
  • Suitable for use with REHAU RAUTITAN PE-Xa 16 or 20mm hot or cold water pipe
  • Ideal for installation into tight, dark spaces

REHAU PINC™ is complementary, providing options to either mix and match with existing REHAU fittings, or used as a complete 16 and 20mm system. PINC offers a faster installation time compared to the current system offered by REHAU.


  • REHAU PINC™ features:
    Stainless steel toothed grab ring is capable of holding up to 2.5 tonnes pull-out force
  • Two sealing rings for extra security and enhanced leak tightness
  • Made with REHAU’s engineered polymers and highly dezincification resistant brass
  • Only needs a REHAU approved pipe cutter for installation
  • No expensive tools are needed.
  • Consist of 47 fittings, that are easy to work with in tight, dark spaces.
  • A fluorescent pink inspection ring provides visible confirmation of a completed joint.
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REHAU PINC™ is watermarked and complies with:

  • NZS 2537.2:2011 (WaterMark Certificate 001412)
  • AS/NZS 4020: 2018

PINC™ is produced by REHAU. REHAU was founded in Germany in 1948 and is trusted in over 50 countries around world, with 40 factories and 20,000 employees. Over 500 million REHAU plumbing fittings and over 404,000 KM of PE-Xa pipe has been installed throughout the world.


Hear more about PINC™ from REHAU directly or by talking with the CMS product assist team. Or visit your local plumbing merchants located throughout both the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

Product brochures can be downloaded from