CHATTERBLOCK+® Wool Makes Acoustic Insulation Sustainable

Published: 25 February 2022

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New Zealanders have a soft spot for wool, with so many of us having grown up surrounded by this wonderful natural fibre.

Now, with Terra Lana’s new CHATTERBLOCK+® Acoustic Insulation, wool gets a new use, as the perfect sustainable acoustic insulation product for your next project.

CHATTERBLOCK+® Acoustic Insulation was created as a healthy, more sustainable alternative to other acoustic products available on the market. It provides a strong sound barrier between walls, midfloor and outside, thanks to wool’s remarkable sound dampening qualities and high density of at least 18kg/m3. It is also an excellent thermal insulator.


Aimed at Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Education & Health Sector applications, CHATTERBLOCK+® can be used for Intertenancy walls and floors, Internal walls between living areas, bedrooms and midfloor. It can also perform as a sound absorber behind perforated ceiling systems.


Terra Lana CHATTERBLOCK+® Acoustic Insulation can substitute fibreglass insulation within all published GIB noise control systems.  It can also replace standard acoustic products within mid floors and internal walls of residential buildings.


CHATTERBLOCK+® Acoustic Insulation is made from recycled offcuts from the manufacturing process and also offcuts we received back from the installation process. The product is 100% recyclable on return to the factory in Christchurch. No protective clothing or PPE is required to install CHATTERBLOCK+® making it easy for anyone to install.

CHATTERBLOCK+® has been assessed for its acoustic performance by Marshall Day Acoustics.

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