Caroma Adds Colour to the Sink Mixer Category

Caroma tapware
Published: 9 November 2021

Caroma’s new, fashionable, coloured sink mixers provide style and colour finishes to suit personal taste as well as deliver clever functional features, such as a multi rotational lock.

The range includes a squared gooseneck design, traditional gooseneck design, or an innovative pull-down with interchangeable mixer handles and two-function spray option – aerated flow and veggie spray – suitable for all cooking, washing, and rinsing needs.

The range of highly durable colour finishes include Chrome and Electroplated Matte Black, as well as PVD Gunmetal, Brushed Brass and Brushed Nickel, providing a strong, long-lasting finish.

The new range is also colour matched with Caroma’s Urbane II and Liano II colour bathroom ranges.

In line with Caroma’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, the range features:

  • Multiple Rotation Lock – the outlet rotation can set to 140° or 360° rotation angles (360° for standard mixers only) for added versatility when used on both a kitchen bench or island.
  • The handle orientation can have both front and side options across all three type options, with a convenient quarter-turn handle for use in narrow kitchen spaces with splash backs.
  • Cool Start design not only prevents the handles from hitting splash backs, it also prevents initiation of the continuous flow heater or circulation pump when the handle is activated from the traditionally vertical (warm) position. Cool Start sees cold located in the vertical position.
  • Dual function spray outlet is standard on the pull-down version, with aerated flow and veggie spray functions, all held in place by a magnetic spray dock for convenience and ease of use.
  • Mixers are finished with PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), a coating technique used to deposit a thin film (a few microns thick) on the surface of bathroom products to provide superior durability and resistance to abrasion, scratching and corrosion.

And aligned with Caroma’s quest for superior water solutions, all Caroma coloured Sink Mixers are highly water efficient at WELS 6 star flow rate (4.5L/min) – with optional WELS 5 Star aerator supplied.

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