The Ultimate Home Heating/Cooling Water Solution from Waterware

The Ultimate Home Heating/Cooling Water Solution from Waterware
Published: 25 September 2021

Home heating and cooling technology is rapidly improving and Waterware is setting the pace.

Throw away those redundant gas and standard electric hot water solutions. Instead, Waterware utilises a combination of solar PV, air to water heat pump, and a hot water storage system, to efficiently provide the domestic hot water requirements for multi-unit and high capacity hot water applications.

Supporting the heat pump with a PV system can achieve a 100% offset of the power required to drive the system annually. The control system allows the heat pumps to boost the water temperature in the tanks when the PV system is producing power and coast when the system is using grid energy.

Twin electric elements in the buffer provide backup to the system and the indirect nature of the heat pump and heat exchanger extends the plant’s life, especially in hard water environments.

The Waterware solution is ideal for all applications where large quantities of hot water are required and low running cost and low carbon footprint are important metrics. The capital cost of this system is not prohibitively expensive when you consider the other non-renewable alternatives, and it meets the market need of extremely low running cost with the environmental concerns of energy use addressed.

Waterware is a solution-based business, we take an approach that highlights the importance of reaching solutions rather than focusing on problems. This philosophy is across the business – from heating, cooling systems and hot water, designed specifically for New Zealand homes and commercial spaces, to quality and on-trend bathroomware that is both affordable and robust.

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