JSC Alaskan Yellow Cedar – Versatility with Durability and Strength

JSC Alaskan Yellow Cedar - Versatility with Durability and Strength
Published: 26 September 2021

From commercial to residential applications, Alaskan Yellow Cedar has versatility combined with durability and strength.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar is a slow growing, tough, solid tree, boasting longevity and workability, with inherent impact and decay resistance, making it a perfect choice for Architectural projects that demand exceptional qualities.

The hardest known Cedar, it is considerably harder and denser than most commercial softwoods including Western Red Cedar, and therefore it is much stronger, making it a top-class building material. That makes it ideal for exterior cladding, shingles, interior linings, soffits, and boat building  and is recommended for applications in coastal environments.

JSC Timber sources raw Alaskan Yellow Cedar from Canada. All the processing including profiling and surface coatings is done locally in NZ.

Case Studies:

Alaskan Yellow Cedar was recently used in two projects in Christchurch:

Commercial: Hornby Working Men’s Club Christchurch

JSC’s Alaskan Yellow Cedar was sourced for its durability and dense properties. For a commercial project of this scale AYC ticked all the boxes such as longevity, buildability, budget, and increased impact resistance when compared with a wood of a different grain structure such as Western Red Cedar.

WOCA Oil was selected as the coating, due to its intense teak colour tints, which limited VOC’s, longer recoating intervals and good adhesion to the unique properties of Alaskan Yellow Cedar.

When presenting options for this project, JSC presented their ethical and proven range of cladding possibilities; with the Alaskan Yellow Cedar quickly being selected by RM Design as being most suitable for the project due to its fit for purpose, clean grade, certification, longevity of performance as well as the coatings renown durability.

Residential: Cox Street Christchurch Family Home

For this project Mitchell Coll specifically chose JSC’s Alaskan Yellow Cedar for the exterior cladding for its even texture, straight grain, and more uniform lighter colour than Western Red Cedar. The project demanded something that would be warm and inviting to the occupants of the home and would fit well into this already well-established street of the neighbourhood.

As a family home with potentially high energy consumption, it was important to address energy efficiency inherently in the design. A major factor in the design was the reflectance of the light-coloured roofing and the Alaskan Yellow Cedar rusticated timber cladding profile which both worked in reducing the occurrence of overheating and lowering the long-term maintenance of the materials and therefore lowering the carbon footprint of the building.

To complement the light-coloured roof, JSC Alaskan Yellow Cedar cladding is coated with “Wood-X Veil” which gave an unmatched look to this stunning family home.

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