Design with Hettich

Design with Hettich
Published: 22 September 2021

A new end-consumer and design focused website has been created by Hettich New Zealand, to present case studies and product information to the homeowner or renovator on behalf of the joiner, kitchen manufacturer or designer, and then aid in the selection and specification of Hettich products

Aimed at homeowners and renovators, as well as their chosen designers and manufacturers, the website includes informative case studies on legacy Hettich products such as ArciTech, as well as a product information spotlight on the company’s newest product AvanTech YOU.

The website and case studies are designed to demonstrate to the end consumer, homeowner, or renovator, just how important a considered design and manufacturer process is, and to help support them in understanding its value. It also aims to make it easier to select and specify Hettich products by providing additional resources for designers and manufacturers.

The website separates technical information, so that it’s easier for the consumer to understand the value of the products and how they might be used. AvanTech YOU takes centre-stage for now, but the site will eventually house an overview of all products, plus a bank of resources to help designers and manufacturers communicate more easily with their customers.

The spotlight on AvanTech YOU demonstrates the different aspects of the company’s newest drawer, with a heavy focus on it’s unique design elements. It breaks down the specific aspects of the drawer and again outlines the benefits of the drawers features and why they are an important consideration for both end consumers and those designing interior spaces:

  • Seamless drawer design
  • Individualisation
  • DesignCapes
  • High-performance
  • Interior organisation

Over time the website is expected to house all core Hettich products.

Beyond product information, the website also houses broader resources for end consumers, and case studies.

An example of one of the foundational case studies on the website is one that will be familiar to Productspec members; New York inspired kitchen showing symbiosis between functionality and design is a great demonstration of how each product detail (such as Hettich’s legacy products ArciTech and light switches from PDL Schneider) contributes to the overall success of the design.

See the new website at: