True Oak Corrugate(s)

True Oak Corrugate(s)
Published: 27 August 2021

Roofing Industries introduces a New Zealand first True Oak® Corrugate and True Oak® Deep, the first major advance in metal corrugated roofing and cladding for over 70 years.

True Oak® Corrugate is a return to the original, deeper, rounder sinusoidal wave corrugate profile based on the original 19th century Walker’s Gospel Oak profiles and is suitable for both residential and commercial roofing and cladding.

True Oak® Corrugate adds style and charm to any roofline. Bolder and more character-filled than modern corrugated roofing product, True Oak® corrugate is aesthetically pleasing and far stronger than traditional shallow corrugated profiles.

Rounder, fuller, deeper and more shapely corrugated roofing, its distinctive shadowlines and deeper curves transform the performance of corrugated roofing.

Featuring a 40.3mm rib height, this new profile by Roofing Industries combines the deep corrugate aesthetic of traditional fiber cement roofing with the strength and durability of steel.

Following the success of True Oak Corrugate, Roofing Industries is excited to introduce True Oak Deep a new metal corrugate roofing and cladding profile which features an extra-deep rib. True Oak Deep has been developed to meet demand for a bolder, deeper corrugate profile.

True Oak Deep replicates the fiber cement Super Six product of yesteryear, which was used for many years on residential and commercial roofing projects around New Zealand. The profile allows simple replacement or re-roofing of existing roofs, thereby maintaining the aesthetics of the project.

True Oak Deep is also perfect for mono pitch homes and any new builds where architects want to create a bold design statement.

True Oak Deep offers a range of practical benefits for residential and commercial builds including excellent water carrying/shedding capability and effective sheet coverage. The incredible strength of the metal roofing ensures a low-maintenance and durable solution. The profile is manufactured here in New Zealand and supplied cut-to-length, ensuring seamless delivery and simple installation.

Features and Benefits

  • Greater span reduces construction costs
  • Economical cladding system
  • Warranties meet New Zealand’s Building Code
  • True Oak Corrugate installation possible at 4-degree pitch
  • True Oak Deep installation possible at 3-degree pitch
  • Enhanced water carrying capacity
  • A snug-fitting lapping edge is aesthetically pleasing
  • Designers have the choice of a variety of metal substrates including Colorsteel and Colorcote.


  • Cladding of commercial, industrial and rural buildings in both horizontal and vertical formats
  • Cladding of historic and heritage buildings
  • Facades

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