REHAU PINC is here

REHAU PINC is here
Published: 25 August 2021

In September REHAU launches PINCTM, its new pipe fitting with push connectivity, to help plumbers install faster and manage productivity better.

PINCTM stands for Push In Connect, which is exactly what the new system delivers – a simple connection that is easy, safe and reliable.

It works by pushing standard REHAU hot and cold water pipe into a PINCTM connector until it clicks – the joint is secure when the 3600 fluorescent UVpink inspection ring is fully visible.

New Zealand is the first country to have the new product range and REHAU is looking forward to working with the merchant trade and plumbers to introduce this new way to install.

Stephen Pounder, of REHAU NZ, says PINCTM provides a real alternative with the added benefit of mixing and matching compression technology with push connectivity, all under the same warranty:

“The landscape has changed and with increased pressure on the labour market this product will help plumbers make gains on productivity while maintaining all important high standards.”

PINCTM is also dark place friendly. After hearing the click, simply shine a UV torch at the pink inspection ring to see a full circle view of the completed joint.

“We expect the efficiency and ease of PINCTM, along with the well-known high quality, safety and reliability of REHAU technology, will attract the attention of specifiers, architects and developers as they tender or manage projects from individual builds to large commercial developments.

“Plumbers on-site have given it the thumbs up especially as a system and for jobs in tight spaces. No one likes being cramped where it’s more difficult to plumb, and this means the plumber can get in and out quicker, while knowing the joint is secure.”

The launch of REHAU PINCTM comes as the New Zealand construction market reports a healthy recovery in 2021 of 5.5 percent growth in real terms, an increase bolstered by the ongoing need for more homes across the country.

“Efficiency and productivity is vital for construction as demands increase and the launch of PINCTM will help one very important aspect, the installation of plumbing.”

The time saving benefit of PINCTM also gives plumbers the chance to spend more time with family and friends or enjoy a favourite sport or pastime.

“The launch involves a competition that appeals to this lifestyle. We wanted to give our early customers the chance to have some fun after a lot of hard work over recent months and as the warmer weather returns,” says Stephen Pounder.

A full suite of material about PINCTM will be available in September – [email protected]