Omega 400 Series Thermal Architectural Window and Doors

Omega 400 Series Thermal Architectural Window and Doors
Published: 26 August 2021

Omega still has the popular Omega 300 series aluminium window and doors, but an upgrade to the Omega 400 Series allows a maximum double-glazing capacity of 38mm. Thermal windows are ideal for any project that is looking to reduce the carbon footprint of a building, while improving the R value of the windows and doors used in the project.

The Thermal Break technology used in the 400 series is unique to Omega in this part of the world. Designed in New Zealand inspired by European experience, the Omega thermal break is positioned to the outside of the joinery which means the cold does not have the chance to get near the warmth inside. Therefore, it performs much better as a ‘barrier’ which results in advanced thermal performance reducing condensation and creating a warm comfortable environment to live, work and play in.

The Omega Dual Colour option allows the customer to split colour between inside and out. This is one of the many features of Omega Thermal Windows.

Omega also has excellent environmental credentials. Aluminium used in their thermally broken windows and doors is extruded in New Plymouth from 80-85% recycled aluminium. And the finished windows and doors are manufactured by the OMEGA fabricator network throughout New Zealand.

Omega is the first New Zealand aluminium windows + doors supplier to achieve third-party Toit? carbonreduce product certification by Toitu Envirocare. By specifying Omega windows, each 1000 house-lots of Omega Windows and Doors will save 1 million kilograms of CO2e. This is equal to the carbon sequestered by 16,000 tree seedlings grown for 10 years, or 516 hectares of native forest that’s the area of more than three average dairy farms.

Omega Windows and Doors are the only window and door supplier in New Zealand with Living Building Challenge complaince, a Declare label and Red List-free categorisation for anodised frames. Omega is proudly owned by McKechnie Aluminium Solutions Limited, a company with over 50 years experience in creating world-class aluminium. They combine this legacy with contemporary European design to create products that not only look good, but can also withstand the demanding weather conditions of New Zealand.

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