Hide More with a Roller Door

Hide More with a Roller Door
Published: 20 July 2021

From your toaster to your Kenwood, your computer to your washing machine, Sage Doors Single Sided roller doors are capable of hiding so much.

Roller Doors enable you to effortlessly hide everything that’s behind them, without swiping objects in front, making them the ideal space-efficient door system.

While Roller Doors have been around for years, Sage Doors has re-designed the roller door to make it more modern, seamless and smooth rolling.

They’re the ideal space saving door solution – in kitchens to hide appliances, in the pantry, or larger roller doors to cover a laundry or study nook etc.

Sage Roller Doors can be made out of any material to match the surrounding colours and surfaces, or painted to match the décor of the home.

Let your imagination roll free!

Sage Doors supply direct to the cabinetmaker/trade.

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