MAXRaft® – Improving Slab Insulation at the Edge

MAXRaft® - Improving Slab Insulation at the Edge
Published: 24 June 2021

With the NZ Building Code and proposed legislation calling for improved building performance, builders and developers are looking for ways to improve insulation values across the entire project.

Heat loss in a home happens in a variety of places. In an uninsulated home, 35% of heat is lost through the walls, 25% through the roof and 15% through windows, doors and the floor.

The essential element of any modern home is the slab it sits on, but it’s often the last consideration when trying to improve thermal efficiencies and home comforts. Whilst the slab is often out of sight, and therefore out of mind, it is actually the first place to consider when building an energy efficient home.

That’s where MAXRaft® makes the difference.

MAXRaft® is a fully insulated concrete slab for new build houses and light commercial. The difference is at the edge of the slab, with insulation that creates a thermal break between the foundation and the ground around it. This reduces the transfer of energy into the land surrounding the home, ensuring that the surrounding environment doesn’t dictate the temperature within the home.

MAXRaft’s performance is three times the building code requirements and delivers high R-values. Performance is further improved when underfloor heating is installed with MAXRaft. The fully insulated MAXRaft® slab prevents heat loss at the edge of the slab where 80% of slab heat loss occurs, meaning the underfloor system isn’t working as hard, potentially saving up to 40% of on-going running costs.

All MAXRaft® fully insulated foundations are designed to ensure that the foundation matches the ground type on site, as well as taking into account all load bearing walls and point loads. And it doesn’t matter whether lightweight cladding, exterior bricks or stone cladding is used, the MAXRaft® team can design a solution.

MAXRaft® is excellent value for money, providing far superior insulation performance to competing products, but at a similar price.

MAXRaft® replaces standard raft slabs or conventional slabs as per 3604. It is suitable for use on TC1, TC2, expansive soils, sloping and piled sites. And MAXRaft® is made right here in New Zealand.

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