Tropicalia – A Bubble of Harmony

Published: 21 May 2021
Tropicalia, a massive tropical greenhouse heated to 28 ° C, is set to become the largest single-domed greenhouse in the world, spread over an area of 20,000m² on the Côte d’Opale, North of France.

A true bubble of harmony’, it reconnects visitors with the plant and animal world in a region where the climate is often harsh.

Tropicalia is a place of discovery, wonder and awareness, an invitation to dream, travel and learn, hosting rich and diverse flora and fauna including exotic flowers, butterflies, hummingbirds, Amazonian fish, turtles, caimans, water gardens, waterfalls and ponds.

Beyond the exotic interior design, the feeling of immersion is reinforced by the architecture of the greenhouse. The absence of load-bearing posts and the presence of a vegetated peripheral wall accentuate the feeling of a cocoon.

The dome is cleverly assimilated into the landscape, with the building partially embedded in the ground, thus reducing its height and impact. From a distance, the greenhouse seems to rise like a hill from the surrounding environment.

The height of the dome allows the complete growth of the greenhouse trees as well as the creation of suspension bridges to delight visitors and to give them access to all levels of the. Also included in the design is space for an auditorium, a bar/restaurant, a conference room, and a laboratory.

The double insulating, pressurized dome is made up of pressurized EFTE air cushions held in place by an aluminium frame. Coldefy & Associates says the project will be completed by 2023.