Bette Shower Trays Bring Titanium Technology to the Bathroom

Bette Shower Trays Bring Titanium Technology to the Bathroom
Published: 22 April 2021

Glazed titanium steel is proving its place as the perfect material for the bathroom and comes with an extensive list of benefits.

Flawless, Hygienic, Jointless, Beautiful.

BETTE shower trays combine variety, comfort, and elegant design. With a depth of only 2.5 cm or 3.5 cm, it blends harmoniously with any bathroom design. The shower tray is available in a variety of different sizes and can be installed flush-to-floor, almost flush-to-floor, or slightly raised.

Glazed Titanium Steel

BETTE shower areas in glazed titanium steel are the hygienically perfect solution for the bathroom. Bacteria, germs and dirt are unable to adhere to the pore-free surfaces. All Bette bathroom components are of lasting value, gentle on skin, and manufactured completely without chemicals or solvents. They are extremely robust and remain beautiful over the long run.

Easy-care and Environmentally Friendly

An extra surface finish is applied after the final firing. Baths, basins, shower areas, and shower trays are coated with a transparent polymer film. It is water-repellent, allowing droplets to roll off even more easily This reduces deposits, which makes cleaning easier. Simply wipe with a damp cloth. No need for strong cleaning agents, saving time, and helping our environment.

Resilient for Daily Use

The wafer-thin glaze on baths, showers and washbasins made of titanium steel is particularly resilient and impact resistant. Which creates a good feeling if anything heavy is accidentally dropped on the washbasin or in the bath – there will be no unattractive flaws or scratches. Glazed titanium steel surfaces are resistant to chemicals – even hair dyes simply wipe off without leaving any stains.

Bette Shower Trays are distributed in New Zealand by Franklins.

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