New – HYDRA Roof Underlay

HYDRA Roof Underlay
Published: 24 February 2021

Marshall Innovations (2020) has introduced HYDRA, a Premium Roof Underlay – to provide a secondary line of defence against water penetration through Roof Cladding into the roof structure or framing.

HYDRA Roof Underlay is a high performance Tri-laminate non-woven synthetic, which is absorbent, self-supporting and flame retardant. It is designed to provide optimum performance in residential, single-dwelling, multi-unit and apartment projects and completes the Marshall Weatherization System (MWS) for complete weathertight protection of the building envelope.

Marshall Innovations researched the product in response to market requests for a roof underlay and had it manufactured to their specifications by FT Synthetics (US).

Distribution channels are still in the process of being established however the product is available through some roofing suppliers and merchant channels upon request. Details and technical data is also available on Masterspec/ Smartspec for architects/specification purposes.

Contact Marshall Innovations if you have any technical queries or to request a sample/ sample pack for your next project.

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