It’s GameOn for Artificial Landscaping Turf and Sports Surfaces

Synthetic turf can be an incredibly attractive and durable solution for all kinds of environments, from sports fields to childcare centres and retirement villages.
Published: 24 February 2021

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock in recent years, you’ll be aware that artificial turf has come a long, long way in recent years. Nearly all of New Zealand’s major stadiums now feature updated turf technology, and some sports play exclusively on artificial surfaces.

Artificial turf was created in the USA in the ‘60s for sports such as baseball, hockey, cricket and tennis to provide an excellent surface with minimal maintenance. But now, synthetic grass is used for all kinds of landscaping, replacing decking, terraces and lawns in public areas throughout the country.

And it’s no accident that artificial turf is taking over, with so many positive features that make it a better option for all kinds of locations and uses, with incredibly new, realistic grass products available.

Traditional grass lawns and sports fields are sometimes a nightmare to keep in perfect order. It doesn’t take much rain to turn it into a muddy mess, or too little rain to produce a dry wasteland. In fact, Auckland’s recent sprinkler ban and water shortage meant a lot of dead grass throughout the region.

Synthetic turf is superior for a variety of very good reasons.

  • Superior appearance and durability
  • No bare patches or compaction
  • No weeds and other seed growth
  • No standing water and mud
  • Savings on mowing and maintenance

GameOn Turf is New Zealand’s leading importer and installer of artificial turf for all kinds of landscaping and sports projects suitable for commercial, residential, sports clubs, councils, schools and Childcare Centres.

Game On is importer and installer for APT Synlawn, a business that has installed more synthetic turf sports fields, athletic tracks and landscaping surfaces globally than any other business, covering over 70 countries with 16,000+ Fields and 15,000+ Tracks and Recreational Surfaces.

Their Hall Of Fame includes : 2000 – 2016 Olympics Hockey Fields, 1972- 84 Olympics Track and Field APT ( Supplier ) and supplies bodies including the IOC , FIFA, FIH , IRB , ITF .

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